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Rod Seel

Rod Seel

Topeka, KS


Rod Seel, a fine art landscape photographer and painter, was born and raised in the Midwest. Seel began an advertising and marketing career in 1978 with a Kansas City firm, and soon struck out on his own, forming his own advertising studio in 1979. In 1981, he moved back to his native Topeka and eventually co-founded Jones Seel Huyett Advertising, where he served as the managing principal of the firm until 2005, when he left to pursue his more creative avenues.

Seel’s photography training started early on in his advertising career, mostly shooting studio stills and location shots for advertising clients. Winner of local, regional and national awards, his photography today draws on this extensive background, but adds his love of nature and a well-composed image. He is particularly known for his panoramic photos capturing the natural beauty and expanse of the Midwest prairie. Seel focuses on framing the subtleties of the natural landscape in a way that the casual viewer may not see. His photographic images reflect his fascination with the play of light on textures and forms in the landscape. His work is found in collections around the world. He hopes that through his work people will develop a new appreciation for the natural beauty of our land. “I usually photograph during the ‘golden hour’ just after sunrise or just before sunset, when the light reveals the spirit of the landscape in special ways.”


Textures of Fall by Rod Seel


Sturgeon Bay Sunset by Rod Seel


June Sunset by Rod Seel


Burns Elevator South Side BW by Rod Seel


Prairie Burn by Rod Seel


Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine by Rod Seel


Fine 55 by Rod Seel


Abandoned Mill at Cedar Point by Rod Seel


Flint Hills Shadow Dance by Rod Seel


St. Augustine Lighthouse by Rod Seel


The Santa Maria by Rod Seel


Sky on Fire by Rod Seel


Blue Angels Grumman F11 by Rod Seel


November Magic by Rod Seel


November Sunset on the Cattle Pens by Rod Seel


Pikes Peak Storm by Rod Seel


Abner's Autos by Rod Seel


Sunset Stratas by Rod Seel


March Burning of the Prairie by Rod Seel


Waiting Their Turn by Rod Seel


Glory Lights by Rod Seel


1972 Blue Corvette Stingray by Rod Seel


The Road Home by Rod Seel


Fiery Flint Hills Sky by Rod Seel


Harley Softtail by Rod Seel


January Sunset at El Dorado Lake by Rod Seel


Blue Cobra by Rod Seel


Evening Glow in Chase County by Rod Seel


Day is Done by Rod Seel


Sunset on AA Road by Rod Seel


Lone Horse Greenwood County by Rod Seel


Abandoned Sentinel by Rod Seel


The Kansas Flint Hills from Rosalia Ranch by Rod Seel


June Sky Osage County by Rod Seel


Seen Many Moons by Rod Seel


Morning Mist - Kansas River Valley by Rod Seel


Last Light on Burns Elevator by Rod Seel


Mare and Foal by Rod Seel


Afternoon Sun on the Old Red Barn by Rod Seel


Flint Hills Magic by Rod Seel


Seen Better Days by Rod Seel


Sunrise at the Pier by Rod Seel


Fire in the Sky by Rod Seel


Haybales and Jet Trails by Rod Seel


Grand Canyon - South Rim by Rod Seel


Morning at Palo Duro by Rod Seel


The Chef by Rod Seel


Santa Fe 3415 by Rod Seel