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Rod Seel

Rod Seel

Topeka, KS


Rod Seel, a fine art landscape photographer and painter, was born and raised in the Midwest. Seel began an advertising and marketing career in 1978 with a Kansas City firm, and soon struck out on his own, forming his own advertising studio in 1979. In 1981, he moved back to his native Topeka and eventually co-founded Jones Seel Huyett Advertising, where he served as the managing principal of the firm until 2005, when he left to pursue his more creative avenues.

Seel’s photography training started early on in his advertising career, mostly shooting studio stills and location shots for advertising clients. Winner of local, regional and national awards, his photography today draws on this extensive background, but adds his love of nature and a well-composed image. He is particularly known for his panoramic photos capturing the natural beauty and expanse of the Midwest prairie. Seel focuses on framing the subtleties of the natural landscape in a way that the casual viewer may not see. His photographic images reflect his fascination with the play of light on textures and forms in the landscape. His work is found in collections around the world. He hopes that through his work people will develop a new appreciation for the natural beauty of our land. “I usually photograph during the ‘golden hour’ just after sunrise or just before sunset, when the light reveals the spirit of the landscape in special ways.”


Overlooking St Johns Bay - St Thomas Virgin Islands by Rod Seel


Brick Arch Shadows by Rod Seel


Pelican by Rod Seel


Sunlight on the Red Door by Rod Seel


Vertical Sunset by Rod Seel


Be Nice Or Leave by Rod Seel


St. Augustine Sunrise by Rod Seel


Find Something You Would Die For by Rod Seel


First Light by Rod Seel


1963 Split Window Corvette by Rod Seel


1955 Corvette by Rod Seel


Log Cabin Fine Food by Rod Seel


Eagle Ornament by Rod Seel


Dottie's Cafe by Rod Seel


Column Detail by Rod Seel


The Entry by Rod Seel


Meinert Hardware by Rod Seel


Tower Through the Window by Rod Seel


Saint Marys Window Wall by Rod Seel


Auburn Sunrise by Rod Seel


Gargoyle by Rod Seel


Gothic Arch First Methodist Leavenworth by Rod Seel


BMW 330ci by Rod Seel


1966 Pontiac GTO by Rod Seel


BMW E30 M3 by Rod Seel


C-5 Corvette Convertible by Rod Seel


Red Porsche 356C by Rod Seel


Shelby GT500 by Rod Seel


Shelby GT350 by Rod Seel


Silver BMW M3 by Rod Seel


Daybreak at the Beach by Rod Seel


Prairie Fire by Rod Seel


Sunset in the Flint Hills by Rod Seel


1972 Corvette by Rod Seel


Sunrise With the Gulls by Rod Seel


East of El Dorado by Rod Seel


BMW - Roundel and Raindrops by Rod Seel


Porsche 356 Raindrops by Rod Seel


Lower Fox Creek School by Rod Seel


Misty Rockies Sunrise by Rod Seel